Introducing Our New Products : HDPE Spiral Tanks and Sleeves.

Now we came up with Imported machinery with new advance technology for manufacturing of HDPE Spiral Sleeves & non pressure pipes. The main application of the Spiral Sleeves to fabricate Chemical storage tanks, Reaction vessels, Scrubbers and Gas scrubbing systems.

From September 2017, we have started production of Spiral wounded Sleeves, diameter ranging from 500 mm to 4000 mm and in lengths from 1 meter to 6 meters, which is used to fabricate storage tanks of different capacity ranging from 500 ltrs to 75,000 ltrs.

Quality of our products is the best , as we use Imported and 100% virgin raw material to manufacture Spiral sleeves.

We have large customer base created by our understanding of customer’s requirement, timely delivery of quality product at most competitive prices.

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